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At Kangaroo kids a child is provided with positive pre-school experience which deeply impacts his/her future learning and development.

A Brief Profile

Kangaroo Kids preschool , Banjara Hills has a capacity to house around 375 children in the age group of 1.6 to 5.5

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Education Policy

The truly novel paradigm that forms the basis of Kangaroo Kids Pre-school's philosophy is the unique LRQ model

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Lina Ashar - Mentor

Lina Asher is a visionary educationist globally acknowledged for her pivotal role in bringing about a paradigm shi

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Message from Lina

It’s been a long journey since 1993 when the first Kangaroo Kids opened with 13 children in Mumbai.

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From the Principal's Desk

In the world of today, a school is not merely somewhere the child goes for academic knowledge, but it is

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At Kangaroo Kids, My daughter has learnt an amazing array of things in a short span of time and this love of learning has been nurtured

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Learning with Full of Joy

The Core Team

Mani Chandrika Chalasani

Centre Head
Mani Chandrika Chalasani Centre head

Farhana Ahmed

Centre Co-ordinator
Farhana Ahmed Centre Co-ordinator

Monica Dewan

Co-ordinator PP1 & PP2
Monica Dewan Co-ordinator pp1& pp2

Madhavi Nalluri

Co-ordinator Playgroup & Nursery
Madhavi Nalluri Co-ordinator

Hiral Goradia

Hiral Goradia Counsellor


  • Why, sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
    Lewis Carroll in “Alice in Wonderland” Of all my wishes, The one closest to my heart is giving a happy magical childhood to my children – Saanvi  & Karishnu. Kangaroo Kids at Banjarahills has been there on every step of the journey, with encouragement, fun filled learning, laughter and endless creativity. Not only did my shy toddler blossom into conflict individuals, but I am deeply greateful to Manichandrika Chalasani for mentoring me through the challenges that came with parenting a preschooler

    Thank you Kangaroo Kids for creating all those priceless years.

    Anupama Choudary

    Mother of Saanvi Thottempudi 2008-11 & Karishu, Thottempudi-2009-11
  • At Kangaroo Kids, My daughter has learnt an amazing array of things in a short span of time and this love of learning has been nutured constantly by her teachers. My husband and I love the close attention paid to individual needs, strengths and areas of challenge. Kangaroo Kids fosters a proactive approach to building lifelong learners by promoting encouragement rather than criticism, Children here are lauded for their gifts, While gently guiding them through rough areas until they succeed.

    Aasima Shaik Imam

    2010-2014 Parent of Samah Sheikh
  • We always wanted our son Lagadapati Harman to be in Kangaroo Kids, Banjarahills, once he was set for scholling. And later on, every day of his school remained a sweet memory in his little mind and we are proud that we took that decision. Dropping the children to their classes was an easy job, but the toughest part was to take them back home as they never wanted to leave their school. Each child received undivided attention from all the staff, a personal welcome name calling from Mrs. Chandrika (I always wondered how she remembered every kids name), and regular feedback and support from the class teachers. I wished the school had classes 1st standard onwards too so that I would have never had a need to think about any other school for my kid. It has been almost 8-months since my child has moved to a new school but an honest confession is that not a single day goes by where he doesn’t remember his teachers, friends and time spent at Kangaroo Kids. I would strongly recommend every parent to look at this school for a holistic experience for their child.

    With warm regards / Janaki Lagadapati

  • As a Parent, I was quite happy with my Son. Hesham ’s  pre-primary years spent at KK. The part I appreciated the most was the concept time which enriched the students. Moreover I found the teachers very   encouraging  , understanding and supportive. Also the environment is pleasant. My son  exhibited  confidence  , positivity and had enjoyed his time there.

    Anjum Babu Khan

    Director Glendale
  • We are parent of a child who is shy and takes time to open up. We could not have asked for a better school than kangaroo kids. As our daughter was finding ways to adjust to the new environment ( think lots of crying), the teachers would listen to us with absolute intent for our inputs to make it easy for her. This enabled her to mingle with the school eco-system whole heartedly. And before we knew it she was happy and well adjusted in school. we were so reassured to see that all activities in the school were carried out keeping a child’s pace and interest in mind. As our daughter is now ready to pass out of the school we can see the profound influence that the school had on her.

    Another great feature of KK is it emphasis on reading   . The school works very hard (  through  readers , lots of sight reading time in class and other activities )to ensure that kids are reading by the time the finish  pres-school. This is in our opinion the single most important and life changing skill that children learn at kangaroo kids.

    Above all KK believes that kids should have fun in school. We believe that Kangaroo  kids is special because the teachers trust the parent’s judgment and back it up with their own assessment of the child. This two way communication is an on- going process which ensure that a child has a wonderful time at school. It shows every day when says, I had so much fun in school.

    Parent’s of Avisha Nori (PP II-A)

    Vijayalaxmi Raghavan and Ramakrishna Prasad
  • Kangaroo Kids have been a parent’s delight .I have been fortunate to send both my children form play school to this institution. One of them is doing really well at Glendale academy in 3rd grade and one is currently enrolled in PPII. My children’s knowledge and their clarity in thought amaze me especially because the teachers have been able to teach in a way where neither the kids nor the parents feel a burden.<br>Even with the few pages  of weekend homework. They did not require much assistance at all. Whether it is the knowledge of the solar systems or human body or the nature world, my husband and I get stunned every time they talked about gravity or the t-Rex or the heart as an organs that pumps blood! Every kid is given a chance to play a sports, to dance, to participate and to just be a kid in this competitive world.<br>Transition to a new school with clear understanding of the concepts ensured that my daughter easily and enthusiastically adjusted  to a new school system<br>I look forward to seeing Ameena gradute from this fine school and look forward to sending my 1year old there in the future. My experience with the teachers, admistrations and the teaching method have been surpassed beyond expections.

    Ruquia N Ahmed & Mustafa Babukhan

    parents of Zainab Babu Khan & Ameena Babu Khan
  • Early childhood is a very precious time – as every parent will testify. It is the tome when your infant starts budding into a toddler – talking their first steps and slowly learning about world. Outside of the protective environment of their home. As you start looking for the first school to send them to, you wonder and worry – are ther ready for this – what will the other  children be like. You fear if the teacher will take the time to understand your child – her fears, her mood, her interests. You wish you could protect her  forever and not need to put her through the painful but necessary rituals of growing up.<br>Finding the right pre-school for me was the most important first step in the direction.  I wanted a place I would feel absolutely safe to send my child to , a warm and child friendly place and more importantly – peopled by individual who share a love for children and run it with the commitment and conviction of giving each child the optimum environment to flourish<br>I found all the and more at kangaroo kids banjara hills.<br>The moment you walk through the gate and with every staff you meet whether it is the Management or Security at the gate – every part of the school speaks of the single minded mission of chandirka and farhana who lead the team – how can we make this the best environment for the kids who will be with us?<br>I have two kids who have graduted out of kangaroo kids – two with very different personalities and I can say with complete certainly-  this was the best possible start both my kids could have possibky had!<br>Right from the management to the teaching and support staff, everyone embodies the commitment to offer a warm and nurturing environment that your child could possibly need to learn and grow in. Ever year, the team at kangaroo kids never cease to amaze me – be it with the sports day or the performamnce at the Annual Day –you think their cannot  better the program and each year they ouu do themselves. Ask any kid who has finished their pre-school years at Kangaroo kids and ther will tell you it is the best school In the world and their teacher the best in the universe!<br>Ofcourse, I must warn you that Kangaroo Kids spoils the parents as much as it spoils the kids. No other schools can match up to their standards – the bar is set way up high. You will need to go through a reconciliation phase and to accept the fact that this pre-school is a a space place and not standard other school will possibly be able to match upto. The greatest gift you receive from kangaroo kids is that your child comes out full of confidence and optimism to take on the world and you feel reassured, that they have given your child a great foundation to now go out and make their place in the world!