Kangaroo Kids

Lina Ashar - Mentor

Lina Asher is a visionary educationist globally acknowledged for her pivotal role in bringing about a paradigm shift in the K12 children's educational system in India. Lina introduced path breaking concepts like learner-centric education, research based curriculum and practical application of assimilated knowledge while the system by enlarge was grappling with archaic evaluation and knowledge dissemination models restricted to rote learning.

Equipped with a bachelor's degree in education from Victoria College, Melbourne, Lina came to India in 1991 with a dream of making much needed difference in the field of education. Her conviction to bring about a major change in the system led her to establish her first pre-school in Bandra, Mumbai with only 13 children. Here she implemented her unique approach and injected potent solutions and applied radical processes, which in due course of time were well received and noted.

Apart from learner-centric processes and research based curriculum, Lina also introduced some path breaking methodologies and processes like real-time delivery of curriculum, inclusive education, open-entry system, optimum teacher-student ratio, parent partnership model, thematic learning etc. She also setup a full R&D team to design and upgrade learning solutions based on scientific theories of Multiple-Intelligence, Thematic-learning, Blooms Taxonomy etc.

Over the years all Kangaroo Kids Pre-schools have not only retained bit also improved their competitive advantage due to its mentor's vision and passion for imparting education to children. She dreams of a society where every child can claim its right for quality education and a joyful childhood.