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Education Policy

The truly novel paradigm that forms the basis of Kangaroo Kids Pre-school's philosophy is the unique LRQ model. This continuously evolving process presented by implementation of LRQ Model provides quantitative data that enables the school to monitor and maintain the benchmark standards all the time.

The LRQ model is based on 3 major underpinnings:

Learner Centric Approach:

Placing children at the centre of the teaching-learning process is a vital underpinning of curriculum mapping.

All programmes at Kangaroo Kids Pre-school are designed with student interest in mind with an aim to maximize their potential.

  • The curriculum exploits the window of opportunity that arises between the ages of 1-6 years 
  • An ideal teacher-pupil ratio ensures individual attention 
  • Every teacher is empowered with strategies so that they can implement different styles of learning.
  • The safe, secure and stimulus rich environment is highly responsive to the child's learning needs 
  • Assessments are kept interesting and non-intimidating and are conducted to understand the child's absorption of learning.

Research Based Curriculum:

The Curriculum design at Kangaroo Kids is the result of rigorous R&D.

  • The curriculum is designed to reach out to the multiple ways by which children learn on the basis of Howard Gardner's - Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 
  • The curriculum is interdisciplinary and theme-based to help children grasp complex concepts and enable long term retention and understanding instead of rote memorization.
  • The curriculum used Bloom's taxonomy to foster higher order of thinking through applications, exploration and creative work.
  • The curriculum is developmentally appropriate through all grades and supports each child in growth and learning.

Superior Quality Standards:

When parents send their children to learn at Kangaroo Kids Pre-school Banjarahills, they are assured of consistency in maintained quality in the five domains listed below by a team from KKBH totally committed and dedicated for the purpose.

The domains are

  • Teaching 
  • Learning
  • Administration
  • Environment
  • Leadership
  • Fun of Learning
  • Fun of Learning
  • Fun of Learning
  • Fun of Learning