The Impact

The system of education at Kangaroo Kids Pre-school is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. This helps our students to master the higher order thinking skills, equipping them to convert their knowledge into solutions for real life problems.

Higher order thinking skills enable students to:

  • Move beyond just knowing and understanding to applying knowledge
  • Explore the reason behind things and its finer nuances.
  • Evaluate from more than one perspective.
  • Create new and exciting things based on their discoveries and evaluation.

The emphasis on utilising higher order questions not only decides what is taught; it also influences how it is taught as well as assessed. For instance, teachers do not constantly test students with factual, literal, knowledge-based questions that require students to merely draw on short-term memory. Instead, they are taught to understand, think, apply, analyse, evaluate and create through questions of a higher order.

Lower-order questions Higher-order questions
Examples Which new toy was given to Peter? Why do you think Peter was given the new toy?
Can you tell me the story in your own words?
Can you think of a different end to the story?
Require Remembering and understanding Complex application, analysis, evaluation or creation
Remembering and understanding Encouraging students to think deeper and critically evaluate
Useful for Diagnosing strengths and weaknesses Problem solving
Reviewing and summarising the content Encouraging discussions
Representation and Symbolic Thinking Activities like role-plays, dramatization of stories and using puppets are conducted.
Stimulating students to seek information on their own