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Implementation of our curriculum based on the education philosophy of the institution is the most crucial function of Kangaroo Kids Preschool. To understand how we put into practice our curriculum in the classroom, do take a look at these examples:


Catering to Multiple Intelligences of children

  • Reaches out in multiple ways in which children learn, based on Dr.Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences.


Integrated Theme Based Learning

  • Interdisciplinary and Theme Based approach to learning helps children to grasp complex concepts of while encouraging them to understand, relate and retain the concepts rather than memorize them.

Linking activities with developmental milestones

  • Linking activities with developmental milestones through the preschool years helps the children develop senses and skills important to lead a meaningful and successful life.

Adopting influences from Latest Brain Research.

  • Each child’s brain and learning experience is unique..
  • The brain uses patterns to organise information.
  • The brain is meant to benefit from good teaching and experiences.
  • The brain needs to be properly hydrated to be alert.
  • Small muscle exercise stimulates brain growth.
  • Cross lateral movements keep both sides of the brain working.
  • Novelty increases attention.
  • improper reward or praise can negatively affect learning!

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