Linking activities with developmental milestones through the preschool years

Type of development Milestone Classroom activity
Social/ Emotional Has a sense of self Children are taught to recognize their feelings and manage them appropriately through role-plays, story time and circle time.
Responsibility for Self and Others Children are given opportunities to be classroom monitors in preschool years 3 and 4.
They are encouraged to make their classroom rules and consequences for the same.
Pro-social Behaviour In the learning centres and outdoor play; children are encouraged to play well and share with others.
They are taught to use thinking skills to resolve conflicts This is done through story time and circle time activities.
Physical Gross Motor Development Through the PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme), children are encouraged to develop locomotor skills (running, jumping, hopping, galloping, throwing, kicking, catching) and other gross motor skills.
Organized indoor and outdoor games are conducted.
Fine Motor Development Children are encouraged to use writing and drawing tools to develop eye-hand co-ordination and dexterity.
Activities like paper crumpling, clay modelling, using scissors are also conducted.
Cognitive Learning and Problem Solving Children explore cause and effect by conducting science experiments
Field trips and excursions are organised for experiential learning.
Logical Thinking Activities where children classify, compare, measure and arrange objects in series are conducted.
Children are introduced to the concept of time and activities that build awareness of position in space.
Representation and Symbolic Thinking Activities like role-plays, dramatization of stories and using puppets are conducted.
Language Learning and Problem Solving Activities like conversation time, picture talk, listening posts and the early literacy programme are conducted
Reading and Writing Pre reading and pre writing activities like finger tracing, crayon scribbling, writing paths.
Identifying and naming letters and numerals.
The Sight Reading Programmes are conducted throughout all pre school years