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INCLUSION POLICY: At Kangaroo Kids, all children across the spectrum including gifted, differently abled and self-paced learners are entitled to equal opportunities to discover, enhance and maximize their potential. Thus all students are integrated into the mainstream classroom.

What does this mean to your child?

  • Lays the foundation to an inclusive society: accepting, respecting & celebrating diversity.
  • Provides a diverse stimulating environment to grow and learn.
  • Learning takes place from peer modelling.
  • Results in improved social development & academic outcomes for all learners.
  • Provides a sense of belonging to all.
  • Enhances self-respect.
  • Helps every child to achieve his best.
    Prepares them for real life situations.

ADMISSION PROCEDURE: Admission are open for the academic year 2015-16;

Playgroup : Pre-school year 1
Nursery : Pre-school year 2
PP I : Pre-school year 3
PP II : Pre-school year 4

CLASS SIZE: Class size will be mostly restricted to 18 students for Playgroups and 24 for Nursery and above years.

REGISTRATION: Please register your child online or at school in person and obtain a unique number.

ADMISSION KIT: On receiving a call from school, please come and collect kit by paying Rs.750/-.

Fill out the FORMS given with the kit and submit them at the school to the Admissions Supervisor. Please ensure form is completed in all respects. Online form can also be used.

DOCUMENTS: The following documents are to be submitted with the form:

  • One copy of the child's birth certificate

  • One copy of school report cards of the last two years (wherever applicable) for record purpose only

  • One copy of the passport of the child and one of each parent (in case of foreign nationality / Non Resident Indian)


..Age Between
1-5 to 2.5 years
2.5 to 3.5 years
3.5 to 4.5 years
4.5 to 5.5 years

Academic year 2015-16 for New Admission

Please contact the school for Details


Admissions are open to all strictly on first come first serve basis. If no seats are available, the application will be placed in waiting list file again according to first come first serve priority. The applicants will be notified as soon as a seat is available to them.



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